About Us
AJ Lewis is a premier general contractor serving clients in the Northeastern region of the United States. Established by Richard Pesot, a builder educated as an architect, the company meets the needs of its clients through quality, service and a unique approach to construction management. Our philosophy of transparency fosters trust, resulting in long-term relationships with our clients and subcontractors.
Planning, Planning, Planning...
Our experienced construction professionals are able to provide owners, designers and architects with a laundry list of potential issues and conflicts before they arise, resulting in calculable savings in change orders, schedule delays and punch list work. By tapping the knowledge base of an experienced contractor, our clients can take advantage of the savings available to them by having AJ Lewis on their team.
Our Philosophy
Whatever It Takes! Our success stems from the “whatever it takes” attitude that everyone here at AJ Lewis embraces to complete each project with outstanding results.
Single Source Responsibility
We provide a single source of responsibility for the planning and construction of your building project. Our hands-on team approach is guaranteed to save time and money, eliminates costly surprises, and maintains the highest degree of communication and accountability.
Extensive Experience
With the combined construction experience within our small sized firm, AJ Lewis ranks as one of the most experienced general contractors in the area. The average tenure of our superintendants is 12 years. The longest tenured employee has been with us 30 years and the most recently hired superintendent has been with us 8 years. We think this says a great deal about AJ Lewis’s dedication to our employees as well as our clients.