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W­h­e­t­h­e­r i­t’s a l­u­x­u­r­y c­o­n­d­o­m­i­n­ium lobby - a full floor of c­o­r­p­o­r­a­t­e offices - or your executive boardroom - AJ Lewis combines reliability, respon­siveness and quality to support the efforts of people who demand more from their general contractor.
Kieran Timberlake Corporate Offices | Philadelphia, PA | Architectural firm
The Philadelphia firm's workshop/studio is a model of 21st-century office space. Oh, and there's no AC. This adaptive reuse was once a bottling house for one of Philadelphia’s German-style breweries but now serves as the corporate offices for architects Kieran Timberlake. We are pleased to say that we helped preserve the original architecture. One of the special features we’re proud of is the raised access floor system which allows for an open plan space that is conducive to moving in cross-functional workgroups. Teamwork is a deep part of our client’s office culture and they are frequently forming new teams and rearranging furnishings as new projects arise—making this feature of core value to our client—not to mention that it can be more energy efficient, comfortable, and provides better ventilation and improved indoor air quality.