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Our years of experience in restaurant construction have given us an understanding of the complexities involved in building a restaurant from the ground up where no detail is overlooked - from extensive HVAC requirements to fire/safety mitigation to the architectural elements that make each restaurant unique.

We offer creative scheduling to achieve accelerated timelines and access solutions to meet all opening requirements; whether you need to keep your restaurant open during remodeling, or remodel at night while operations continue during the day, AJ Lewis will deliver.
Fork Next Door | Philadelphia, PA | Marguerite Rodgers, ltd
"AJ Lewis did an exemplary job on our restaurant projects. Each one of their superintendants we have worked with have been excellent! They are thorough, responsive and always got the job done when they said it would be done. I couldn’t ask for a better group to handle our work."
- Howard B. Savage   B & M COMMERCIAL LEASING